At Family Practice of the Kennebunks, we pride ourselves in offering you personalized care and reserve appointment times to accommodate your needs. Late arrivals, missed appointments or cancelled appointments without sufficient notice, create a gap in our providers’ schedule. These are appointments that could have been utilized to offer care to another patient.

Late Arrivals:

If a patient presents to the office late for a scheduled appointment with our providers, the patient will be asked to reschedule their appointment due to the Late Arrival Policy. When a patient arrives late, the time spent with the patient is minimized and does not allow for a full assessment. It also disrupts the schedules of our providers and other patients.At Family Practice of the Kennebunks patients who arrive late(15 minutes after the schedule appointment time) may be rescheduled.

Last Minute Cancellations and Missed Appointments:

We do require a 24 hour notice on all cancellations. As a courtesy to our patients, we try to confirm all appointments. We do recognize that situations arise that are out of your control; however it is imperative that you contact our office immediately to notify us of your cancellation in a timely manner.If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment with at least 24 hour’s notice, we may assess a $25“no-show” service charge to your account. This “no-show charge” is not reimbursable by your insurance company. You will be billed directly for it. After three no-shows to your appointment, our practice may decide to terminate its relationship with you.