At Family Practice of the Kennebunks we take special care of our geriatric patients. Our 65 plus senior patients are living longer due to improvements in nutrition and technology. But, they have specific health care needs that are more prevalent today than previous generations.


You can rely on Dr. Shill, Dr. Farrand and Dr. Okan-Langlais to help you or your loved ones manage the complexities of the aging process.

Our primary care services revolve around more than Medicare Annual Wellness visits. We look to identify sources of chronic pain and manage them; we help with incontinence issues and we can provide help with depression and memory loss concerns.

We also work closely with patients and their caregivers to increase awareness of medication side-effects. On every visit, we evaluate our elderly patient’s ability to care for themselves. We’ll talk about their ability to bathe safely, to dress themselves, and to prepare and eat meals.

Other issues we can help identify and manage include: Ovarian and Prostate Cancer; Diabetes; Heart Disease and Stroke; High Blood Pressure; Osteoporosis; Parkinson’s Disease; Sleep Disorders. This is not a comprehensive list but meant to give you an overview of available services.


A benefit of being a Family Practice of the Kennebunks patient is our affiliation with Southern Maine Health Care. This relationship extends our core primary care services allowing us to refer for advanced specialty care in areas like: Balance and Falls Program; Cancer Care; Cardiac and Vascular Care; Gastroenterology; Neurology; Nutrition: Pain Management; Rehabilitation Services; and Urology.  

You can be confident the special health care needs of our senior patients will be addressed with attentive compassion by the doctors and staff of Family Practice of the Kennebunks. Call 502-7074 or email us at to arrange your next visit.